Feedback for a new generation

In this February 4 post, Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd analyze feedback’s role in work performance through the eyes of the new generation, discovering,

“[Millenial-age employees] expected immediate and contextual feedback, and wanted to use it to help them progress rapidly in their careers. Quarterly and annual reviews could not offer the immediacy and authenticity they needed.”

Meister & Willyerd recommend a millennial solution: micro-feedback with micro-blogging tools such as Twitter.

For aspiring and seasoned Merlyn, ongoing feedback creates a culture where performance evaluation becomes a dialogue of growth rather than a Judgement of Performance. While technologies continue to evolve, the potential of feedback, focused on accurately observing performances rather than creating judgements of quality, will remain timeless and essential to effective leadership in any environment.

Educators in any setting will find the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (gcLi) a powerful learning opportunity. Learning to effectively give and receive feedback remains a hallmark of the gcLi experience.


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