Gates & Jobs on education

I found this passage while enjoying Walter Isaacson’s transcendant biography of Steve Jobs.

“[When they last met, near the end of Jobs’s life], Jobs asked [Gates] some questions about education, and Gates sketched out his vision of what schools in the future would be like, with students watching lectures and video lessons on their own while using the classroom time for discussions and problem solving. They agreed that computers had, so far, made surprisingly little impact on schools – far less than on other realms of society such as media and medicine and law. For that to change, Gates said, computers and mobile devices would have to focus on delivering more personalized lessons and providing motivational feedback.” (Kindle location 9507/12477. Emphasis added.)

Anthony Cody’s blog post, “Bill Gates’ Big Play,” adds further context to the scope of Gates’ plan and intentions.

If this teaching technique reminds you of the flipped classroom, you’re not alone.

My first question: what will teachers do with students refusing to do the pre-work to make the class time useful?


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