About the Islamic school in Texas

I recently read of an Islamic school’s efforts to join Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools for athletic competition.

I am struck that an association of schools who share a devotion to “Judeo-Christian values” are suspicious of the Islamic school’s motivation for joining their league.

How would the Nazarean carpenter manage this request? Would He see an opportunity to practice love? Would He see opportunity for, as He taught His followers to pray, God’s kingdom to come on earth?

None of us can answer this question with utter confidence.

I am certain those who sent the questions to the school regarding their request have the best of intentions. They even show a willingness to learn what they do not know, and to understand where they lack understanding.

I just can’t imagine that the Carpenter would have sent a questionnaire. He would seize the opportunity to open dialogue and relationship, and to share God’s love in a real, personal way with real, individual people He otherwise might have never known.


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