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This gives me pause to think of the times I’ve dismissed a new idea. Ouch.

Let’s remember to let creativity live – in our schools, homes, and hearts.

Especially when we disagree.


Bought with a handful of goldfish!

Leslie Crawford at the GreatSchools Blog shared a delightful story of her experience on a school tour.

Moral of the story: every school (yes, every school) has some version of goldfish. Don’t let the goldfish distract you from asking the right questions about the Mutual Fit between School and Child/Family.

All of Merlyn’s magic would’ve been useless if he really wasn’t the right person to teach Wart.

On the role of teachers

Our single greatest defense against scientific ignorance is education, and early in the life of every scientist, the child’s first interest was sparked by a teacher.

Ladies and Gentlemen: please join Dr. MacKinnon and me in applauding the individuals that foster the scientific competence of our society and are the heroes behind past, present, and future Nobel Prizes – the men and women who teach science to children in our schools.

-Dr. Peter Agre, Nobel Banquet speech, 2003.


Reducing stress in the learning community

According to Seth Godin, “Emergency response is overrated compared to emergency avoidance.”

In the business of learning, how many of our stressful situations are the direct result of poor preparation?

For example, graduation and other closing exercises happen each year. When does your school begin checking the boxes to ensure a smooth, well-run, and stress-reduced graduation?

Beyond reducing (or eliminating) community stress, what energies might we conserve to spend elsewhere by increasing our “lead time” in planning?