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Intentional development: could I raise the next Steve Jobs?

I am continually intrigued by the questions surrounding the intentional actions we might choose in raising the young.

Carol Dweck’s Mindset taught me much about creating a fertile environment for learning. Dweck’s conclusions align with some of the advice offered in CNN’s recent article, “How to raise the next Steve Jobs.” If the celebrity headline troubles you, here’s the original article by Christina Vercelletto.

What philosophy guides our choices in raising the young? What actions result from this philosophy? If universally applied, what society would this philosophy build?

Could we intentionally grow a creative person?



This gives me pause to think of the times I’ve dismissed a new idea. Ouch.

Let’s remember to let creativity live – in our schools, homes, and hearts.

Especially when we disagree.

Coach K on leadership

Don’t miss this excellent interview from Sim Sitkin and Richard Hackman, “Developing team leadership: an interview with Coach Mike Krzyzewski.” (Link to PDF)

Teaching successful failure

Carol Dweck (author of Mindset) would completely agree with Seth Godin’s perspective on failure.

Leaders in every industry bear this truth in the shape of their careers.

Why, then, do our school cultures remain averse to teaching successful failure?





Remembering John Wooden

John Wooden was a Merlyn by any measure – and an extraordinary leader worth emulating in his devotion, his understanding of those under his care, and his definition of success (which is perfectly aligned with current research regarding performance).

The Washington Post published six things you should know about John Wooden. I recommend them to your personal growth.