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Intentional development: could I raise the next Steve Jobs?

I am continually intrigued by the questions surrounding the intentional actions we might choose in raising the young.

Carol Dweck’s Mindset taught me much about creating a fertile environment for learning. Dweck’s conclusions align with some of the advice offered in CNN’s recent article, “How to raise the next Steve Jobs.” If the celebrity headline troubles you, here’s the original article by Christina Vercelletto.

What philosophy guides our choices in raising the young? What actions result from this philosophy? If universally applied, what society would this philosophy build?

Could we intentionally grow a creative person?


Helping children (and adults) manage social networking

Helping children manage the social technologies challenges many parents and educators. Matt Silverman makes a valuable contribution to the discussion in this Mashable article. His first piece of advice? “Take an active role and do your homework.”

In another post, Tanveer Ali identifies 4 Tips for Integrating Social Media Into The Classroom.

If you’re not confused yet, Anthony Orsini is a New Jersey principal who invited parents to join him in banning their children from all social networking sites.

Above all else, keep the dialogue going. We’re far from understanding everything about the implications of virtual communities as an overlapping dimension to our face-to-face communities.